Hi I'm   Matthijs Matthijs Matthijs Matthijs Freelance Developer
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As a freelancer and during my study and internships I worked on various projects. I worked with multiple languages like PHP, Javascript and Java. PHP and Javascript are my main languages in combination with the Laravel and React framework.

Event List

For a school project I created an app called "Event List". It uses the Ticketmaster API to fetch nearby events based on your location. The app is written in Java with android studio.


Jet Married

For the ceremony speaker "Jet Married" I built a marketing website. It was built in 2017 with HTML, CSS, Javascript using the Bootstrap framework.

Live website

Paal 17

For the beach pavillion "Paal 17 Texel" I'm maintaining their website since 2018. The website is built with the Wordpress CMS

Live website